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    Shakespeare and Mature Love

    Shakespeare and Mature Love

    Shakespeare and Mature Love


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    Precis of Shakespeare & Mature Love       This short volume takes the reader through a step-by step examination of Shakespeares Sonnets of 1609 to demonstrate the intimate relationship between the consistent and comprehensive nature-based philosophy Shakespeare purposefully structures into his set of 154 sonnets and the depth and maturity of love the sonnets both evoke and elucidate.
          Taking the Nature Template as a tool for exploration the Template is readily derivable from the whole set and its internal division into male and female sequences - the seventeen chapters of the book develop an appreciation as to how Shakespeare locates the full range of our intellect and emotions in nature.
          Shakespeare's constant recourse is the unmoderated singularity of the word nature for all philosophic considerations. Then follows the role of the female/male dynamic where he takes the priority of the female over the male as a natural given. Consequent on the sexual dynamic is the undeniable logic of increase or the fact all humans are born of increase.
          By establishing the undeniable givens on which all human sensations and thought subtend, Shakespeare is able to consider the effect of incoming sensations to the mind and then the role of language in swearing and forswearing intelligible understanding. Crucial for the theme of this essay is the formation of inner sensations of the mind such as intuitions and particularly the deep emotions such as love.
          By aligning the natural dynamic all the way from nature about to the inner human experience of deep and abiding love, Shakespeare demonstrates how he is able to evoke and characterise mature love. He discusses the possibility in the philosophic integrity of the Sonnets and creates characters in the plays (principally the Comedies) where savvy females and males are dramatic manifestations of the depths of maturity in love the 154-sonnet set encapsulates.

    General specifications       The volume has 100 pages and is perfectbound 148 x 210cm in hardback and softback. There is also an e-book version.
          The ISBN for the hardback is: 0-476-01587-1; for the softback is: 0-476-01583-9; and the e-book is: 0-476-01584-7.


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